Apple Shows Off iPad Pro With New Promo Videos

Apple has released six new promotional videos to show off its iPad Pro.

As part of its What You Can Do With iPad series, the Cupertino firm uploaded the new short video clips to YouTube, in an effort to promote its 11 and 12.9-inch tablets released at the back-end of 2018.

The new videos are more than 60 seconds in length, and feature iPad Pro using different apps and features, from using the Apple Pencil to create musical notes to handwriting a list to add to the Notes app.

As well as a new ‘Life On iPad’ video, Apple uploaded specific videos such as ‘A new way to make music,’ ‘A new way to travel,’ ‘A new way to make a video,’ ‘A new way to start your business,’ and ‘A new way to plan your wedding.’

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to plan your wedding. Get inspired, organize and delegate tasks, design an invitation, and make changes on the fly. iPad Pro. Your new wedding planner,” Apple says under one video.

Apple has been ramping up the promotion of its iPad Pro range, releasing new videos virtually every month to promote the high-end tablet.

What’s interesting about these latest videos, however, is that Apple is no longer exclusively targeting professionals with the iPad Pro – it’s targeting individuals who want to make music or plan their own wedding, encouraging them to cough up more than a thousand dollars for a tablet over a new desktop.

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