Apple Silicon Chips Set for US Production and Packaging in Arizona Apple's strategic move to US shores: silicon chips to be packaged in Arizona by Amkor.

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In a significant step towards enhancing its manufacturing presence in the United States, Apple has revealed that Amkor will be responsible for packaging some of its silicon chips.

This process will take place at Amkor’s newly constructed facility in Peoria, Arizona. The chips themselves will be manufactured at a nearby TSMC factory before undergoing the critical packaging phase at Amkor. This packaging is essential for safeguarding the chips against physical damage.

The announcement includes plans for Amkor to invest roughly $2 billion in this Arizona facility, which is expected to generate over 2,000 jobs upon completion.

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, emphasized the company’s dedication to American manufacturing in a press release, stating, “Apple is deeply committed to the future of American manufacturing, and we’ll continue to expand our investment here in the United States.” He also highlighted the pivotal role of Apple silicon in enhancing performance levels for Apple users, and expressed excitement over the production and packaging of these chips in Arizona.

Amkor, in its announcement, indicated that initial production at the Arizona site is slated to commence within the next two to three years. The company has also applied for CHIPS funding from the U.S. federal government to support this ambitious project.

Apple noted that Amkor has been a long-standing partner, packaging chips for all Apple products for over a decade. These Apple silicon chips are integral to a range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

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However, the specific types of chips that will be packaged at the Arizona facility remain unspecified.

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