Apple Starts Shipping New iPod Touch to Stores and Consumers

Now that the excitement over the iPhone 5 has died down, it's time to start getting excited all over again about the new iPod Touch and new iPod Nano, although admittedly not to the same level. The first recipients of the iPhone have them safely nestled in new cases, and now it's time to start worrying about the music-playing iPods.

iPod Touches have begun shipping to stores and can be expected to be on shelves sometime next week. Consumers who pre-ordered Touches have begun getting notices saying they'll be receiving them by October 15. No one is clear as to why they are just now delivering, whether it is because of the same parts delays that pushed some of the iPhone 5s back or whether Apple just wanted to keep the excitement going.

The iPod Nanos shouldn't be too much further behind. There are no confirmed sightings, ship dates, nor delivery estimates, but the thought is that they will fall in line right behind the bigger models in the iPod product line.

And let's not forget the iPad Mini is supposed to be announced sometime this month. That leads me to believe Apple is trying to having one bang-up holiday season/fourth quarter. With the news earlier in the week that Apple is planning on producing 10 million Minis, you know they aren't going to be sitting on store shelves just taking up space. Maybe the only question left is whether you will put an iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, or iPod Nano on your wish list for these holidays.


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