Apple stops selling third-party speakers and headphones ahead of product launches

Apple has reportedly stopped selling headphones and wireless speaker systems from third party companies online and at its Apple Stores, ahead of the launch of its AirPods Studio headphones and a next-generation HomePod, perhaps with the moniker the HomePod Mini.

As first reported by Bloomberg, the company has removed all headphones and speakers from brands like Bose, Logitech and Sonos from its online stores, and employees have been asked to remove third-party products from the shelves in retail stores in recent weeks.

Apple Stores still offer Beats branded headphones and AirPods, alongside HomePod, but now it’s not possible to purchase third-party products that complement the Apple ecosystem.

Ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple removed all fitness trackers from its online store, and so these changes almost definitely confirm Apple’s plans for product releases.

We already know that Apple has been working on a new low-cost version of its HomePod, and a new Apple-branded headphone called AirPods Studio.

It’s now likely that these two products will see the light of day at Apple’s upcoming October event, where the Cupertino company will also show off new iPhones – the iPhone 12 range, including the iPhone mini.

Insiders suggest Tim Cook and Co will take to the stage on October 13, and we’re likely to hear of an official announcement within the next day or so. Stay tuned for the very latest.

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