Mockup Imagines Apple Subscription Service

With rumors rife about Apple’s magazine and television subscription services, set to be unveiled this March, popular Apple iOS Developer Léo Vallet has put together a proposed Apple Services package, bringing together apps, music, TV, film, magazines, and iCloud.

This hyper-realistic mockup imagines a package of services, akin to Amazon Prime, that brings together all of Apple’s key service offerings for a monthly cost of $99.99.

Whilst this is just a mockup, many have speculated that Apple will offer an all-in-one package to appease customers’ demands, although a $100 price tag would likely price the firm out of the market.

Apple has long been rumored to announce a subscription service to marry together individual services, including iCloud, the App Store, and Apple Music.

Bundling these into one low-cost monthly package would not only increase Apple Music subscribers but increase Apple’s services revenue, something the firm increasingly relies on as iPhone sales fall in the saturated smartphone market.

With Amazon offering two-day delivery, TV, movies, books, storage, music, and more for $12.99, Apple will have to price strategically if it wants to compete.

Apple will host a Special Event on March 25, with the firm expected to announce a premium version of Apple News, an Apple TV subscription service, as well as new hardware in the form of MacBooks, iPads, and AirPods.

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