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Apple Tag: iOS 13 code suggests Apple will launch tracker later this year

Apple's Tile product is coming soon

Apple will release a Tile-like tracking accessory later in the year, according to reports.

Several months ago, it was reported that Apple was on the brink of it launching its own tracking tool as part of its new Find My application on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS and that the new Tag would pair with an iCloud account and use iPhones to determine the location.

Tile is a popular brand around the world, allowing users to receive notifications when their items go missing, in order to track them. Users can even set an alarm to find their missing keys, for example, which offers a number of use cases both for security and for convenience.

Now, it appears as though the new product has been confirmed for release after developers dug deeper into the iOS 13 beta. Both iOS developer Steve Moser and 9to5Mac’s Rambo have found references to a new product called Tag as part of the Find My app package.

Speaking of his discovery, Steve said: “I’m thinking Tag1,1 is definitely the rumored BT Tile like “ITEM” that you can put on your keys and the Find My app will locate it. Why else would there be this string in Find My app “DEVICE_OR_ITEM_ENTER_MESSAGE”?”

Others have suggested the product could be called Apple Tag.

Rambo, who now writes for 9to5Mac, added that: “Now, the first beta of iOS 13 includes an asset package for a device with the product type “Tag1,1”. This type of asset package is used for pairing devices by proximity, the same way as AirPods and HomePod can be paired to a user’s device.

“Another asset found on iOS 13 beta 1 also gives us a glimpse as to what this device will look like. It’s likely a mockup used for testing that was left out in the OS, but it matches descriptions of the device given by people involved in its development.”

Whilst the discovery all but confirms plans for Apple to launch its own tracking device, it is unclear when the product will see the light of day. Still, if it’s included in iOS 13, then it may arrive later in the year ahead of iOS 13’s Fall release, and alongside the new iPhone range.

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