Apple to Bring ‘TV’ App to iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.2

Apple to Bring ‘TV’ App to iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.2

Today, Apple handed developers the second beta of iOS 10.2 – and included is the TV app showcased at Apple’s October 27 event. This provides the first chance for developers to go hands-on with it.

The TV app is essentially an Apple-designed TV guide allowing users to more easily find new content to watch. MacRumors has shared a YouTube video, below, providing insight into how the TV app is set to work on iPhone, though versions of the app for iPad and Apple TV are also planned for public release.

Apple has previously indicated that, in the United States, the TV app will arrive in December. This suggests that iOS 10.2 itself will become available to the public that month.

Other additions in this beta include more prominent Shuffle and Repeat buttons in the Music app and an SOS feature whereby emergency services can be called with five presses of the iPhone’s power button.

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