Apple to expand Apple Card offer to iPads, AirPods, and Macs

Apple is reportedly planning to expand its Apple Card promotional program, allowing users to buy their next iPad, Mac, or AirPods at 0% interest to persuade consumers to upgrade.

Right now, Apple allows users to buy an iPhone using an interest-free payment plan, and under these new proposals, other Apple-owned products would also be available, both to help consumers get essential technology they need to work, and to drive additional sales.

The new scheme is expected to arrive in the coming weeks – perhaps even announced at the company’s upcoming virtual Developers Conference – and a new range of products will be added to the scheme. Some of Apple’s high-end devices – like the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR which each retail for around $5,000 – will be included in the new program.

Apple is planning to offer big-ticket items like the Mac Pro and high-end MacBooks on a 12-month interest-free payment plan. Smaller items, like AirPods and HomePod devices, will be offered on a six-month repayment scheme with no interest.

We don’t know for certain whether the company will offer any 24-month schemes, as it does for the iPhone, but if users are able to purchase tens of thousands of dollars in Apple products, 24-months seems fair.

As is the case with the current iPhone scheme, users will be able to manage their purchase through the Wallet app. Apple currently offers 3% cashback on Apple Store purchases, including for iPhones, and it’s thought that this promotion will be extended to other products.

Earlier in the year, Tim Cook confirmed plans to expand its installment plan program, following initial success with the iPhone. The scheme benefits both Apple and Goldman Sachs, as it encourages more consumers to sign up to the Card and spend money.

Apple is currently offering Apple Card users an extended payment deferral due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Those who wish to apply can do so through iMessage.

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