Apple to introduce 2 TB storage option in iPhone 14

Apple might have only just announced the iPhone 13, but the rumor mill is already spinning for next year’s iPhone 14 – and one early leak suggests that the Cupertino company will add a two terabyte storage option.

This year, Apple added a new 1TB storage option for iPhone 13 Pro and ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max consumers, marking the first time an iPhone had a terabyte of storage. Apple added the new option to give users more space to maximise the use of the new camera features like ProRes for videos, which require more storage than standard videos. Apple also doubled the entry-level storage capacity on all iPhone 13 models at no additional cost.

It now seems like Apple wants to take its Pro models to the next level, by adding a new two terabyte option next year. That’s according to MyDrivers. Of course, there’s nothing confirmed yet, and the MyDrivers website does not have a track record of accurate Apple news and rumors, but a 2TB storage option would indeed make sense.

It’s rare for Apple to add new storage options or configurations to its phones, and when it does, it often has a reason for it. However, considering that next year’s iPhone is likely to be a significant overhaul with the removal of the notch, it could be that Apple wants to create a super professional option that’s ideal for photographers.

It’s thought that next year, Apple will ditch the mini variant of its iPhone, but as well as an iPhone 14‌ Pro and ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro Max, Apple will offer two standard iPhone 13 models with different screen sizes.

Are you looking forward to next year’s iPhone? What do you want to see? Check back soon for more.

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