Apple to introduce 23-inch iMac in the fourth quarter of 2020

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new product to its popular iMac lineup.

A report from the China Times suggests that Apple is working on a new 23-inch iMac which would be based on the current 21.5-inch model.

As Apple has done with the MacBook Pro 16-inch and upcoming 14-inch model, the company will reduce the thickness of the bezels on the current display to offer more screen real estate, maintaining the current chassis.

The new iMac is reportedly one of many new low-cost products is planning to introduce this year, off of the back of the successful iPhone SE launch.

As the world battles the COVID-19 crisis and faces perhaps one of the biggest recessions in a generation, Apple wants to pivot its product marketing and range to accommodate and maintain its market share in the crisis.

Apple currently sells a 21.5-inch iMac and a 27-inch model, with the basic price starting at $1,099 in the United States. The company reportedly wants to cut the price of its entry-level model to $899 or $999 in the US, making it more attractive to businesses and consumers.

The company is also expected to introduce a new 11-inch iPad in the second half of the year, featuring Touch ID under the display to allow for a full-screen, notch-less aesthetic.

And that’s without mentioning six other products that feature mini-LED displays, such as new iPad Pros, new MacBook Pros, and perhaps a new iPad mini, reports analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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