Apple to introduce in-app purchases on watchOS 6.2

Apple has confirmed that users will be able to make in-app purchases on watchOS 6.2.

The company released the first beta of the new operating system to developers today, and one of the biggest new features is support for in-app purchases on the Apple Watch for the first time, following the introduction of a dedicated Apple Watch App Store with watchOS 6.

Apple has asked developers to get their watchOS apps ready for in-app purchases when it releases watchOS 6.2 in the coming weeks, issuing new documentation with guidance on activating the new feature.

It’s unknown which apps would benefit most from Apple Watch in-app purchases, as most consumers prefer to purchase content on their iPhones or Macs, but it could prove useful in markets such as sport, where users can pay for additional tracking functionality.

Apple introduced the watchOS App Store with watchOS 6, allowing users to purchase apps from their wrists, without needing to go onto their iPhones. It’s part of Apple’s ongoing mission to make the Apple Watch less of an accessory and more of a standalone device.

Developers are now able to create watchOS apps with premium features that can be unlocked for a one-off fee or a subscription, opening up new possibilities for Apple Watch.

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