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Apple to introduce Touch ID and FaceID login option for

A more secure method of logging in is coming

Apple is reportedly beta testing Touch ID and Face ID logins for

Beta testers have spotted a new iCloud website on iOS 13, iPad OS 13 and macOS Catalina, which encourages users to sign in using Face ID or Touch ID rather than their password.

The previous system used two-factor authentication, and users had to input a set of numbers once they’d typed in their usernames and passwords to access their information.

It’s thought that this method of sign-in will be introduced as part of Apple’s September software updates.

When logging in on a device with Face ID, Apple will ask you to sign in using your face.

For other devices, including the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID is the default sign-in.

Users who visit on devices running iOS 13, iPad OS 13 and macOS Catalina will be automatically redirected to, where the functionality is being tested.

If you are part of the beta and aren’t automatically redirected, you can manually visit the beta site.

This new feature is Apple’s latest attempt to test its Sign In with Apple technology, which will be released this September.

Apple has previously told developers that they’d be able to access the tools to integrate Sign in with Apple into their apps and websites this Summer, so it’s only a matter of time before major developers introduce the functionality ahead of its public launch this September.

Sign In with Apple will work on iOS, macOS, and iPadOS.

Being able to sign in to iCloud using Touch ID and Face ID is another step forward in Apple’s ambitions to build the world’s most secure operating systems.

Biometrics are much more secure than typing in a password, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Apple does next.

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