Apple to Invest in AMOLED Supplier for Future iPhones?

Following persistent rumors that Apple is preparing to adopt OLED displays for future iPhones, the Taiwanese website Focus Taiwan now says that, according to “media reports”, Apple intends to invest in AU Optronics, which could supply AMOLED panels as part of the deal.

The reports claim that Apple is likely to, through its injection of funds, make AUO a supplier of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode – AMOLED – panels for fitting into future iPhones. Should it agree to this deal, the Taiwan-based company could see major growth in its sales and gross margin.

The rumors prompted a 5.15% spike in AUO’s shares, which reached NT$9.53 at today’s closure of the Taiwanese stock market. Nonetheless, the company declined to comment on the reports, insisting that it did not wish to comment on any particular product line or individual customers.

Though Apple does use OLED displays for the above-pictured Apple Watch, iPhones continue to instead use LCD panels. iPhones sporting OLED panels, which are especially notable for offering better picture quality, seem unlikely to appear on the market until 2018, but preparations are evidently underway.

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