Apple to Launch 24 New Stores, Revamp 28 Existing Ones Through 2027 Apple is reportedly planning a significant retail expansion and renovation drive, with 24 new Apple Stores to open and 28 existing ones set for overhaul or relocation by 2027, across multiple regions including the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Canada. This strategic move aims to modernize the tech giant's retail experience, according to Bloomberg.

London Apple Store
Apple Store | Brompton Road, London, England | Image Credit: John Ryan/Apple

Apple has announced ambitious plans to significantly extend its retail presence with a strategic expansion and renovation campaign set to run through 2027, according to Bloomberg.

This comprehensive endeavor will involve the establishment of 24 brand-new Apple Stores across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, the U.S., and Canada, while also including a significant overhaul or relocation of an additional 28 stores within the same regions.

The Asia-Pacific region will see the introduction of 15 new stores, including three in India, two in South Korea, one in Malaysia, and another at the Jing’an Temple Plaza in Shanghai. Apple also plans to extensively renovate its Shinsaibashi outlet in Osaka, Japan.

On the European front, Apple aims to bring fresh outlets to the iconic Battersea Power Station in London and La Vaguada in Madrid. In addition, the company will upgrade its prestigious Paris Opéra location.

As for North America, new Apple Store locations will grace the cities of Miami, Detroit, and Torrance, California. Furthermore, several existing stores in New Jersey, Alabama, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Missouri are set for relocation.

The company has already provided a glimpse into its new retail strategy with the recent redesign of its first-ever store at Tysons Corner in Virginia. The refurbished store now boasts a physical Genius Bar, an adaptable hardware space, and a hands-on Apple Watch Studio. Given this, it is plausible to expect similar features to be incorporated into the new and updated stores as part of the firm’s broader retail expansion plan.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue New York redesign interior

The report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple’s expansion and renovation drive primarily targets older and smaller stores, in line with the tech giant’s efforts to modernize its retail experience.

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