Apple to launch new over-ear headphones at Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple will reportedly lift the lid on its new over-ear headphones at this year’s virtual WWDC, according to reports from reliable Twitter leaker Jon Prosser.

The idea of an Apple-branded headphone to sit in the premium end of the market has been running the rumor mill for some time, fueled by the company’s success with AirPods and AirPods Pro, which has helped Apple bolster revenues from its accessories division.

Speaking on Twitter, Prosser has confirmed that Apple is looking to launch the headphones, designed with professional users in mind, at this year’s WWDC.

He also confirmed that pricing will be around $350, which makes them comparable to Beats Studio 3 and premium Bose headphones, but not so expensive that they couldn’t achieve widescale success.


According to the source, Apple has codenamed the headphones B515, which corresponds to icons that were found in a build of iOS 14 in March, showing off over-ear headphones.

In other Apple headphones news, Prosser also discussed the AirPods Pro Lite, which have been rumored by various sources including DigiTimes.

He revealed that the journalists were likely confusing the name with the new AirPods X, which will launch in the Fall of 2020.

AirPods X will reportedly be similar to the current BeatsX headphones, targeted towards the sports market.

Though he doesn’t reveal exactly that the AirPods X will be, it’s suggested that they will have a wire between the earbuds and offer a cheaper version of the AirPods for sports-focused consumers, and for those who worry that they’ll lose an AirPod on the go.

Prosser has suggested that Apple’s ultimate aim is to phase out the Beats brand and convert users over to Apple-branded headphones.

Of course, this will take time, and it has not been confirmed; others might argue that offering both Apple-branded and Beats-branded devices will help the company to retain its premium edge and keep margins on its headphones high.

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