Apple to Live Stream Event Starting at 10 AM PST

Breaking news out of Apple today suggests that the tech giant will be offering a live stream of its highly anticipated event from its company website. The event, which is expected to unveil the iPad Mini, is taking place at the California Theater in San Francisco, California. This is one of the only times (lately) that Apple has allowed public streaming and viewing of one of its events. These unveilings are usually only seen by the media.

If you plan on viewing the event (and you’re a PC user) then you’ll need to grab the latest version of Quicktime. Mac users can watch live as long as they are running at least Safari 4 on the Mac OS X Version 10.6 or later. You can also view on your Apple TV Box as long as it is a second or third generation device and is running Apple TV  Version 5.0.2. or later. And even if you aren’t interested in getting an iPad Mini, you still may want to tune in. The event is expected to cover a variety of other subjects including a revamped iBooks application, an upgraded iPad HD, and a redesigned and retooled MacBook.

If you’re interested in following the event, you can view it on Apple’s website starting at 10 AM PST.

Of course, if you don’t have time to actually view the event just be sure to keep your device or browser updated on AppleMagazine, where we will be bringing you live news, opinions, and updates as they are revealed!

Photo Credit: Apple

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