Apple to make big changes to 13-inch MacBook Pro this year

Apple is expected to make some big changes to this year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro.

As well as the usual internal upgrades that come with most minor Mac updates, Apple will launch a fifth-generation 13-inch MacBook Pro in the months ahead, and it’s looking to the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, announced towards the backend of last year, for inspiration.

One of the biggest changes expected in this year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro is an all-new keyboard, with Apple reversing to the scissor-switch keyboard it reintroduced with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, following widespread criticism of the butterfly keyboard iterations.

For consumers who have already switched to the 16-inch model, the scissor-switch keyboard offers improved travel and tactile feedback and makes typing feel more natural.

Apple will also up the ante on the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s processing power, and is rumored to be introducing Intel’s 10-nanometer 10th generation processors to the MacBook family.

Graphics will also be given some love, with the new MacBook set to feature Intel Iris Plus graphics, offering stunning colors and performance.

And paired with a new mini-LED display, which is rumored in some circles, Apple could build one of the world’s most advanced 13-inch notebooks to date, offering unparalleled performance and graphics capability.

Finally, a quick word on size. Will the new 13-inch MacBook Pro actually be 13 inches, or will Apple follow in the same vein as the 15-inch model and bump the 13-inch to 14-inches when reducing the size of the bezels?

Some have suggested that Apple will do exactly that, or even increase the size of the chassis to improve the machine’s thermal management.

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