Apple to retire Dashboard with macOS Catalina

Old feature is saying goodbye

Apple will remove Dashboard functionality from macOS with its upcoming release.

As first reported by Appleosophy, Apple has stripped out functionality for Dashboard with the latest release – a feature that was first introduced back in OS X 10.4 with Tiger.

Dashboard was designed to allow users to add their own widgets to their Mac, and access them via a slide left. Elements like a calculator, weather, a clock, and a calendar have been available since the launch of the feature, and Sticky Notes was another popular addition.

Back in macOS Yosemite, Apple disabled the feature by default, although it was possible to turn it back on – and users who had used Dashboard in the past didn’t need to reactivate it.

At present, it’s possible to activate the feature as part of Mission Control, or by adding it to your Dock, but this will no longer be possible when upgrading to the new release this Fall.

Apple attempted to replace the Dashboard with Notification Center several years ago, and many of the widgets Dashboard was famed for were ported over to the Today screen.

Indeed, users can add a whole host of apps to their sidebar, such as Stocks, Weather, Reminders, Find My Friends, Calculator, Now Playing, and more, offering similar features to Dashboard apps.

However, the removal of Dashboard is a sign Apple has been clearing out many outdated features ahead of the new macOS release – as it’s doing with iTunes, which is splitting into three separate applications, Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV, to reduce friction and improve user experience. It’s hoped these small changes will lead to better performance over time.

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