Apple to use custom displays for iPhone and Apple Watch in 2024

Apple is planning to use its own in-house designed displays for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watch, starting from 2024.

This shift would allow the company to reduce its dependency on display partners like Samsung and LG. The transition is set to begin with the high-end Apple Watch Ultra, which will adopt the microLED display technology by the end of 2024.

Following this, the technology will be expanded to the iPhone and other devices. The displays would be designed by Apple and manufactured by an external supplier.

This move is a part of Apple’s broader effort to make more of its own components for its products like iPhones, iPads and Macs, thereby reducing dependence on third-party suppliers.

The company is already developing its own A-series and M-series chips for these devices, and working on modem chips and other wireless chips, which will let it end its relationships with suppliers like Qualcomm and Broadcom.

MicroLED displays, which are currently being tested by Apple, will provide brighter and more vibrant colors with improved viewing angles. They will also create an effect of making the content look like it’s painted on the glass. Initially, Apple had planned to adopt microLED displays as early as 2020, but had to overcome technical challenges. The company also considered the use of microLED for larger displays but decided to focus on the Apple Watch, owing to cost reasons. The transition is considered as one of the most critical projects for Apple, for which it has invested several billion dollars in display technology.

However, Bloomberg also warns that the target date of 2024 may be pushed to 2025 due to production difficulties, and there may be a limited supply of the new devices in the beginning. A refresh of the Apple Watch is expected in 2023 with few new features.

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