Apple TV+ announces Russian-language content deal

Apple has announced an expansion into Russian-language content for its Apple TV+ platform.

The Cupertino company is ramping up efforts to introduce more content to the platform, and has confirmed that the company has signed a new deal with AR Content, the firm that’s led by  Academy Award-nominated producer Alexander Rodynansky, the first of what Variety says could be many new partnerships and collaborations.

AR Content will be responsible for producing Russian-language shows for the platform, making Apple the first global streaming platform to form a partnership with a Russian production company, setting an exciting new standard.

Right now, Apple TV+ offers content primarily in English, though Losing Alice and Tehran are foreign imports.

However, Apple is quite clearly keen to ramp up its efforts internationally and offer content that’s tailored to local audiences. As well as commissioning a number of British series and a French show, Apple has committed to new Spanish content, as well as Korean titles that will premiere later this year, like a Dr. Brain webcomic adaptation.

Apple isn’t on its own – all of the leading streaming platforms have begun expanding into other markets to boost subscriber counts, with some countries imposing new quotas that require streaming giants to produce a minimum number of hours of content – or make a commitment to local arts and film production. In Europe, for instance, 30% of Apple’s content must be filmed within Europe.

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