Apple TV+ Champions Sci-Fi with Ample Funding & Vision Apple TV+'s dedication to science fiction is not only evident in its impressive lineup of shows, but is also fueled by its substantial financial investment in the genre. This commitment is setting the streamer apart in a fiercely competitive market.

Foundation Apple TV+
Foundation Apple TV+ Series | Isaac Asimov

Apple TV+, despite not matching the spending levels of giants like Disney and Amazon, has emerged as a formidable player in the realm of science fiction television. Shows like For All Mankind and Foundation are testaments to Apple’s commitment to producing high-quality sci-fi content. Insights from various interviews conducted by Inverse highlight a crucial factor behind this success: Apple’s willingness to invest heavily in sci-fi projects.

This financial backing is a significant boon for creators, who often find science fiction a challenging genre to pitch due to its typically high production costs and niche appeal. However, Apple TV+ has embraced these projects with enthusiasm and resources.

Matt Shakman, executive producer of “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” has expressed his satisfaction with Apple’s approach, noting, “As a lover of sci-fi and as a lover of stories on a big epic scale, I’m so happy that Apple is doing it and they’re doing it right.” Shakman’s remarks underscore Apple’s capacity to bring intricate sci-fi worlds to life, a task that demands considerable resources and talent.

The roots of Apple’s affinity for science fiction can be traced back to the company’s foundation and the influence of Steve Jobs. His vision was steeped in futuristic concepts and technological advancements, elements that are now reflected in Apple TV+’s sci-fi offerings like Severance and Monarch.

Ron Moore, the creator of For All Mankind, further elucidates this connection, explaining that the people at Apple are natural fans of the genre. He states, “When you talk to the people at Apple, they’re science fiction fans already… They’re always thinking about the future, and they were informed by science fiction in their youths.” This inherent interest in speculative fiction and technology forms a solid base for Apple TV+’s sci-fi endeavors.

Foundation | Isaac Asimov Sci-Fi series | Apple TV+

Apple TV+ distinguishes itself from other streaming services by funding sci-fi projects generously, but also by harboring a genuine passion for the genre. This combination of financial capability and enthusiasm makes Apple TV+ an ideal platform for sci-fi creators, or as Ron Moore aptly puts it, “a good place to do this kind of programming.”

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