Apple TV+ could soon offer content made in Brazil

Apple TV+ is reportedly planning to release original content made in Brazil.

Since its rocky start, the streaming service launched three years ago and has expanded into offering some quality entertainment from the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. Now, Apple’s ready to expand internationally and offer original content from Brazil.

That’s according to a Brazilian journalist, Flavio Ricco, who says that Apple TV+ has expressed interest in producing new content in Brazil, and it’s hoping to ‘prioritize quality and authenticity. Apple already offers its streaming service in Brazil, but local content could make sense as it looks to differentiate from Netflix and Disney+ with authentic storytelling.

Apple launched Tehran as its first non-English speaking content, and Losing Alice has since been released, produced in Israel but dubbed. The company now reportedly holds a 3% share of the streaming market in Brazil, so offering local content could serve as a real incentive for sign-ups.

The company might not have officially confirmed plans for Brazilian content yet, but it has confirmed that it’s working on a Russian-language show and a French-language series.

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