Apple TV+ reportedly has a 3% share of the US streaming market

Apple has a 3% share of the streaming market in the United States, according to a report.

The company has been investing in new content for its platforms but has struggled to convince consumers to part with their cash. In fact, Apple has made it clear that it’s not confident in its platform – so much so, it’s offered the service for free until the end of July.

Apple’s market share means it’s far behind competitors like Netflix – which has a 31% market share – and Disney+ – which has a 13% share of the US streaming market.

The data comes from JustWatch, a firm that offers analysis on video platforms. Their research is based on data collected from the fourth quarter of 2020, offering an up-to-date picture of the current situation. It’s no surprise that Apple TV+ as the smallest market share amongst big-name streaming services, as it offers very little original content as of right now.

Prime Video has a 22% share of the market, Hulu comes in with 14%, and HBO Max has a 9% share. Peacock, which launched after Apple TV+, currently holds a 6% market share.

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