Apple TV+’s ‘Silo’ Explores Life Underground in a Dystopian Future Apple TV+'s new series, 'Silo', delves into the dystopian world of the last remaining population on Earth, living deep underground in a mile-deep silo to escape a toxic environment.

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In this subterranean world, 10,000 survivors grow food, recycle, and maintain a massive generator for power. But beneath the surface, secrets, mysteries, and suspicious murders lurk. Questions arise about the Earth’s true state, a rebellion 140 years prior, and the mysterious absence of books. Trust in the government is hard to come by.

Series creator and showrunner Graham Yost says, “Life in the silo in many ways is pretty good. They’re part of this cause, which is basically just to stay alive until the day that it is safe to go outside.” He adds that the viewer will get a sense there’s been a eugenic program that aims to breed out curiosity and independence, but that it’s unlikely to succeed.

Silo explores life underground in a dystopian future | Apple TV+

Rebecca Ferguson stars as the series’ protagonist, Juliette, an engineer with a tragic past seeking answers about the silo. The show also features Tim Robbins, Common, David Oyelowo, Rashida Jones, and Will Patton. The 10-part series is based on Hugh Howey’s bestselling trilogy, with the first two episodes available.

“Silo” offers a blend of familiar and unique elements in its world-building, with tattoo artists, square coins, and relics from the past. The silo’s government can be likened to a soft dictatorship, similar to 1980s East Germany. Those questioning the system are expelled, seemingly dying within minutes in the wasteland outside.

Yost believes a 10-hour TV series is the ideal format for Howey’s books, offering ample time to explore the underground world.

Silo | Apple TV+

He hopes for additional seasons to delve deeper into the story, and encourages fans to read the books after watching the show.

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