Apple TV+’s ‘The Mosquito Coast’ releases first trailer

The Mosquito Coast - Apple TV+
The Mosquito Coast - Apple TV+

In 1986, legendary director Peter Weir directed an adaptation of Paul Theroux’s book titled The Mosquito Coast. The film starred Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and the late River Phoenix, and although it was initially both a critical and commercial failure, it has since received a cult following. But, this text is not really about the movie, but about another adaptation of Theroux’s book that is going to be released on April 30, 2021, on Apple TV+.

The new series

The Mosquito Coast was written back in 1981 and after Weir’s movie, Apple TV+ decided to produce its own adaptation of the book, this time in a television series format. A trailer was released in early April 2021, a couple of weeks before the show’s premiere. The trailer raised the bar of expectations, revealing that Apple TV+ is going to be similar to Breaking Bad and Ozark, both beloved hit series that have captured the hearts of fans in recent years.

The “crime dad” show tells the story of the Fox family who, after their father fell afoul with the US authorities and went on the run, leave for Latin America to continue their life there, while remaining free. Still, the wilderness won’t have a profound effect on them and the show is certainly going to explore all of the issues that arise in the family.

The show is going to star Justin Theroux (The LeftoversMulholland Drive), who also happens to be Paul Theroux’s nephew. We’re also going to be seeing Melissa George as the wife of Theroux’s character, while their two children are going to be played by Logan Polish and Gabriel Bateman. The show’s first two episodes are going to have their premiere on April 30, 2021, with the rest of the schedule to follow.

Based on the trailer, we have no doubt that this adaptation is going to be an instant hit for Apple TV+.

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