Apple Unveils ‘Apple Intelligence’ AI for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apple has introduced Apple Intelligence, a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature that enhances user experiences across iPhone, iPad, and Mac by leveraging advanced generative AI.

Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence uses large language models to enable devices to understand languages, images, actions, and personal context. This AI integration brings deep natural language understanding, providing new writing tools that work across Mail, Notes, Safari, Pages, Keynote, and third-party apps.

It can rewrite or proofread text automatically, enhancing productivity across Apple platforms.

The AI is designed to work with a user’s personal data without compromising privacy. It processes data on the device, only sending necessary information to Apple servers when additional computing power is needed.

This ensures privacy and security, leveraging Apple Silicon’s capabilities.

Central to Apple Intelligence is Siri, now more natural and contextually aware. Siri can correct itself in real-time, maintain conversational context, and understand in-app activities, requiring less input from users.

Over time, Siri will become more integrated, capable of performing actions in more apps, and utilizing a semantic index of photos, calendar events, and files.

The new AI also aids in writing, with a feature called Rewrite that helps users change the tone or proofread text in Mail and other apps.

Additionally, Apple Intelligence can summarize notifications and use a new Focus mode, “Reduce Interruptions”, to filter important notifications.

Apple Intelligence will be available in iOS 18 for the iPhone 15 Pro, and on macOS 15 and iPadOS 17 for Macs and iPads with M1 Apple silicon or later.

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