Apple updates battery percentage icon in iOS 16.1

Apple has updated the new battery percentage icon with iOS 16.1.

The company has released the second beta of the updated software, set to be released to the public later this year. One of the most notable changes so far is a new battery percentage icon, which no longer shows as full when the battery drops.

Apple redesigned the battery percentage indicator in iOS 16, bringing back the ability for the iPhone to display an actual percentage rather than an icon. Now, in the new beta, the battery icon will dynamically change as the battery drains.

Consumers were overjoyed when Apple added the updated battery icon with iOS 16, but many criticized the company for not allowing it to drain, simply showing a full battery with a percentage inside. The new iOS 16.1 beta finally changes that.

Apple has also used a bolder font for better readability, and the lightning bolt icon that appears when the iPhone is charging will disappear upon 100% charge.

What else do you want Apple to tackle in upcoming iOS 16 betas? Let us know and check back soon for the latest.

Screenshot credit: Brandon Butch

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