Apple updates Clips apps with Memoji and new features

Apple has updated its popular Clips app, introducing Memoji and Animoji for the first time.

The company’s free-to-use video creation app is seen as an alternative to social media, allowing users to play around with short-form video clips and share them with their friends.

Thanks to the new 2.1 update, users are able to send video messages, slideshows, and movies with Memoji and Animoji characters for the first time, following the movements of the user’s face to create fun, engaging, and unique video content for consumers everywhere.

What’s more, the update introduces new Mickey and Minnie Mouse stickers to celebrate the Christmas season, alongside a new winter-themed live poster for recording Holiday videos.

Once a user has created their own Memoji in the Messages app on iOS, they’ll be able to access their Memoji and Animoji characters inside of the Clips app.

What’s more, users can now layer Animoji and Memoji clips with filters, text, music, sticker, and more, and characters can even be changed once a video has been recorded, offering more flexibility than ever.

Speaking of the update, Apple said: “Animated stickers and emoji can now follow the movements of a user’s face when using the front-facing camera on iPhone and iPad — so whether users are moving up and down, left and right, or towards and away from the camera, fun objects like sunglasses and speech bubbles stay connected to their face for an even more interactive video experience.”

Clips 2.1 is available to download for free from the App Store.

As well as Memoji and Animoji support, it includes a new Let it Snow poster, new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stickers, and support for right-to-left languages including Arabic and Hebrew for the first time.

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