Apple updates Shazam to recognize more songs

Apple has updated the Shazam app to recognize more songs.

Since the company acquired the music recognition app back in 2018, it’s continued to add new features to improve usability, and the latest should now mean Shazam can recognize many more songs.

According to the update’s release notes, the technology behind Shazam has been updated to listen ‘harder’ and ‘for longer’ so that it can recognize more songs.

“Shazam now finds more songs by trying harder, for longer. Tap to Shazam to give it a go,” the release notes read.

Shazam is designed to recognize virtually any song within a couple of seconds of listening, but that’s not always possible due to other noise interruptions and poor quality sound. With the newest update, Shazam will listen to your song for longer and hopefully result in more song recognitions.

The best part is that, as an iOS user, you don’t need to download the Shazam app. Back in iOS 14, the company deeply integrated the service into the operating system with a Shazam toggle on the Control Center, and you can also ask Siri to identify a song and it’ll use Shazam’s technology.

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