Apple Updates Shortcuts App Following iOS 12.2

Apple has pushed an update to the Shortcuts app for iOS.

Following the release of iOS 12.2, the company has issued a new release of the Shortcuts app, first released with iOS 12 and designed to offer users more control over Siri, Apple’s personal assistant.

The latest update offers improvements to existing shortcuts, as well as new tools for creating Notes app Shortcuts.

Users are now able to create and view their notes through Siri Shortcuts, and actions such as Create Note, Append to Note, Find Notes, and Show Note offer more flexibility when using Siri.

For the first time, users can ask Siri to create a new note, add a memo to an existing note, or share a note with friends and family, making the application more useful.

On top of that, the company has introduced a new Get Numbers action, which takes numbers from text snippets, and has made improvements to Travel Time, used to create a series of actions when you head to the car after a day at work.

Some users set Siri to start a list of actions, such as Text Mom, Set off Apple Maps, and Play Podcasts.

Read the full changelog for today’s update below:

  • Create and access Notes in your shortcuts with the new Create Note, Append to Note, Find Notes, and Show Note actions
  • Pull out numbers from text using the new Get Numbers from Input action
  • Tapping on the Library tab will now scroll to the bottom of your shortcuts list
  • Get Travel Time now returns more details, including route name, arrival time, and distance
  • Bug fixes and improvements

You can download the latest version of the Shortcuts app on the App Store.

Unlike most iOS features, the application is a standalone product, a rebranded version of Workflow, which Apple acquired a couple of years ago.

Whilst it’s strange for the product not to be included in core iOS, it allows the company to update the application independently from iOS releases, and could spark a new trend in the way Apple issues updates to its software products.

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