Apple updates ‘vintage product’ list to include iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has added the iPhone 6 Plus to its list of ‘vintage products’. After being released in September 2014 alongside the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus was available until September 2016 when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched.

According to the relevant Apple support page, Apple products are considered ‘vintage’ when the Cupertino firm ceased distributing them for sale more than five years ago, but less than seven years ago.

This means the iPhone 6 hasn’t quite reached official Apple vintage status yet, as the device was still available for sale in September 2018. So, we won’t see it on the vintage product list until September 2023 at the earliest.

Most notably, the iPhone 6 Plus was Apple’s first “big” iPhone, although it was plagued by sluggish performance issues throughout its lifetime, brought on by the big display. Additionally, Apple Pay launched with the iPhone 6 lineup, this being one of Apple’s most notable features.

Apple also maintains a list of ‘obsolete products’, which are separate to the ‘vintage’ category. Now officially added to this list is the fourth-generation iPad, which was released in 2012; this device had been marked as obsolete internally by Apple in November 2021, but the change wasn’t represented on its public list until now.

The fourth-generation iPad will be remembered by many as being the first iPad to receive the Lightning connector, as well as being twice as fast as the previous model, with graphics up to three times better.

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