Apple Vision Pro May Feature More Storage than Most iPhones Apple's upcoming mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, is expected to include an impressive storage capacity, potentially surpassing most iPhones. Here’s a look at what developers have discovered and what it could mean for users.

Envisioning A Spatial Computer

According to a report from iPhoneSoft, the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro could feature up to 1TB of local storage. This substantial capacity was reportedly seen within the headset’s Settings app on visionOS.

The Vision Pro is intended to be much more than a typical virtual reality (VR) headset, serving as a standalone computer. With its ambitious design and functions, this generous amount of onboard space could be a necessity, accommodating various apps, media files, and creative projects.

The M2 Chip: Powering the Vision Pro

Apple plans to equip the Vision Pro with the same M2 chip found in the iPad Pro and Mac lines, signifying substantial computing power. This similarity in technology allows the Vision Pro to align with other Apple devices, potentially leveraging 2TB of storage, as seen in the MacBook Air line.

Potential Variations: Tailoring to Needs

While the developer hardware indicates a 1TB storage capacity, the final version of Vision Pro could offer different configurations. Apple might introduce various models, starting from 256GB, with 512GB and 1TB versions available at premium prices. Although a single configuration would simplify sales, offering different storage options aligns with Apple’s typical marketing strategy.

Apple has revealed some details about the Vision Pro, including a price tag of $3500, the M2 chip as its power source, and an estimated two-hour battery life. However, other specifications remain under wraps, leaving room for speculation.

The Vision Pro is slated for sale in the United States in early 2024, with plans to expand internationally later in the year.

Its combination of advanced technology and sizable storage capacity places it as a noteworthy addition to Apple’s innovative product line, offering potential new avenues for both professional and recreational use.

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