Apple Vision Pro Set for Earlier International Release, Analyst Suggests The Apple Vision Pro, initially launched in the US, might hit international markets sooner than anticipated, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo's analysis, backed by increased component production and US sales data, points to a potential acceleration in the global launch schedule of this eagerly awaited product.

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Ming-Chi Kuo, a name synonymous with accurate Apple forecasts, has recently updated his projections regarding the international availability of the Apple Vision Pro. Initially, Kuo had estimated that the device would reach global markets a few months after its debut in the United States.

This prediction was grounded in his extensive experience covering Apple’s product launches. However, current trends in US sales and a boost in component production have provided concrete support for his revised predictions.

Kuo notes that given the stagnant demand growth within the US market, it would be strategic for Apple to expedite the Vision Pro’s global release as the supply chain situation improves.

Yet, he also emphasizes that the exact timing of the international launch will hinge on Apple’s progress in adjusting its software to meet the regulatory requirements of different countries.

Kuo remains optimistic about Apple’s capacity to roll out the Vision Pro in additional markets before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year.

His confidence stems from the observed acceleration in component orders and the analysis of sales performance in the US.

In parallel reports from other industry analysts, there is a strong indication that China could welcome the Apple Vision Pro by May, at the latest.

However, this anticipation is tempered by potential legal hurdles, notably a trademark dispute with Huawei over the “Vision Pro” name in the Chinese market.

The decision to initially restrict the Apple Vision Pro to the US market has not deterred global interest. Indeed, there have been numerous accounts of international customers traveling to the US specifically to purchase the device.

However, in Berlin, Germany, some individuals have faced challenges upon their return, with reports of customs officials confiscating the Apple Vision Pro units.

This global enthusiasm underscores the high anticipation and demand for Apple’s innovative product beyond the American market.

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