Apple Watch 2 to Launch Beside iPhone 7, Report Suggests

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Apple Inc.

Apple could unveil the long-awaited, second generation Apple Watch at the same event that it launches the iPhone 7 this fall, judging from a new supply chain report from DigiTimes.

Sources from the supply chain have apparently told the Taiwan-based DigiTimes that chips and components for the wearable will start shipping in the third quarter of 2016. This suggests that production could get underway just ahead of a formal reveal for the device in September.

The sources have also revealed that Apple has placed unexpectedly high orders for the “Apple Watch 2”. The volume of orders reportedly suggests that, per month, 2 million units could be shipped; this could be due to the Apple Watch 2 coming with an array of additional features that Apple is confident should significantly increase its appeal over the current model.

Little has been rumored about these features; however, the just-announced watchOS 3 is set to bring speedier app loading times, Find My Friends and Reminders as stock apps, interface tweaks and many more features to the Apple Watch’s software platform.

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