Apple Watch, A Logical Next Step?

Every day there are numerous rumors started that create buzz about what is next to come from Apple. The latest and greatest being Apple’s rumored iTV and iPad mini; just to name a couple.

The logical next step, I feel, would be for the tech giant to invest in the development of an Apple iWatch. You may ask yourself with the recent iPod Nano having a wrist band, and being a music playing time-keeping device, why Apple would develop a watch. Think of the iWatch as being your central hub that brings all of your Apple devices together.

I could see the watch as a communication device that sits on your wrist sending you constant notifications all day. Instead of having your iPhone, iPod, and iPad on you at all times, the iWatch would bring all these devices together. Think of how great it would be having a watch that would tell you when you received a text on your iPhone, informed you of push notifications you received, and informed you of calendar events scheduled that day.

The iWatch would ideally include a large amount of voice-based features. For the timepiece to integrate with what Apple currently offers, Siri would need to be present. I feel not only would Siri help integrate the watch, but offering voice-based communication with other iWatch users would be a huge plus.

Of course, there are some hurdles that would need to be leaped for this idea to come to reality. The battery life being an issue, special watch- based applications would need developing, and how would the watch communicate with all other i-Devices? If anyone could provide solutions to these issues it would be Apple.

Are you ready for a “smart watch” that would act as a central hub for your Apple Devices? I know I am.

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