Apple Watch continues to save lives

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been credited on numerous occasions with saving lives, and most recently the Watch encouraged William Monzidelis, who was suffering from a ruptured ulcer, to seek medical attention.

Monzidelis, 32, was at work in early April when he started to feel dizzy. He retreated to the bathroom where he started bleeding and shortly after his Apple Watch alerted him that his heart rate was at an alarming level and he should seek medical attention.

He was rushed to hospital by his mother, Nancy, where he received an emergency blood transfusion after losing 80% of his blood due to continued bleeding from his mouth and rectum. It was doctors on the scene who stated that his Apple Watch saved his life as it forced him to understand the severity of his condition and ensured he received treatment in time.

Monzidelis agreed saying:

“I would have been working in my office and they would have found me dead.”

The Watch does include built-in heart rate monitoring features, or Monzidelis could have downloaded The Apple Heart Study, available for free download from the App Store, and designed to detect irregular heart rhythms.

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