Apple Watch for Ireland, Denmark and Austria on September 25

Today, Apple updated its Ireland, Denmark and Austria websites to indicate that the Apple Watch will become available for retail in all three countries on September 25.

This will naturally be exciting news for many Apple fans in those countries – especially so soon after Apple also revealed a wide range of new Apple Watch models, faces and bands, including many from the prestige fashion brand Hermès, at its headline-grabbing September 9 keynote.

It also gives many Irish, Danish and Austrian Apple followers something to look forward to while they wait for opportunities to buy the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in their home countries, which are not in the first wave of territories to get those handsets on September 25.

The news today means that the number of countries offering the Apple Watch will soon rise to 25. It also means that people who buy the wearable in the three additional countries are unlikely to have to wait long, if at all, before they can start enjoying watchOS 2 on their new devices.

Apple has revealed that this new OS will be released “shortly” as a free download for Apple Watch owners. Support for native apps is the most significant feature of the new OS, as Apple Watch apps have so far been available only as extensions of iOS apps.

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