Apple Watch most popular brand amongst US teens, overtaking Rolex

Apple has been named the most popular watch brand in the United States amongst upper-income teens.

According to a Piper Sandler survey, the Cupertino company has overtaken Rolex to become the most popular watch brand.

Between the fall of 2020 and the fall of 2021, smartwatch ownership in the US has climbed from 30% to 35% amongst teens, and 30% of teens now own an Apple Watch. Apple has an eye-watering 86% market share amongst teen smartwatch owners, a truly impressive feat.

What’s perhaps more interesting to note is that Rolex has been overtaken by Apple to become the most popular watch brand in the demographic.

Piper Sandler found that 30% of teenagers use a fitness app when working out, and 50% of those use an Apple app. 67% of teenagers own a pair of Airpods, and 87% own an iPhone in the US.

Other interesting tidbits from the Taking Stock With Teens study include the fact 50% of teenagers are worried about being tracked online, and that Apple Pay is the second-most popular payment method, with most preferring cash over card. Still, Apple Pay is more popular than PayPal and prepaid cards, which is good news for Apple as it taps into a new generation of spenders.

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