Apple Watch awarded ‘Display of the Year’ by prestigious body

Apple has been awarded one of the Displays of the Year awards by The Society for Information Display (SID).

At the organization’s annual trade show and combined awards ceremony, the Display Industry Awards, Apple Watch Series 4 was named one of the best displays of the year, a huge feat for the Cupertino company.

The award ceremony was designed to highlight “the high-quality innovative work taking place in the display industry at every level,” and the category in which Apple Watch won focused on “the most significant technological advances and/or outstanding features,” rather than it being a watch face category, which makes the feat all the more impressive for Apple.

Apple Watch Series 4, which was released last year and features a new OLED display that is around 30 percent larger than the Apple Watch Series 3 display, won the award partly thanks to its new screen real estate, which Apple made possible without increasing the size of the watch.

Series 4 also included a new display technology, known as LTPO, to improve the efficiency of the small screen, which in turn leads to longer battery life on the Apple Watch.

Apple was praised when it lifted the lid on Apple Watch Series 4, elevating the Watch experience by introducing a whole host of new features and functionality, without changing the style or form of the popular wristwatch.

Indeed, Apple Watch 4 managed to retain its original design that has become an Apple icon, whilst introducing both hardware and software improvements to provide even greater functionality for everyday Apple Watch users.

Apple Watch Series 4’s display is perhaps one of its most praised features, as it allows users to enjoy more content with the virtually end-to-end screen, with Apple eliminating the majority of the bezels on the device.

This design change looks significantly better on the eye, too.

Apple’s award win covered the 2018 year, and it’s likely that Apple Watch Series 5 will be in the running at next year’s award ceremony, especially if the company continues to build upon the success of the Series 4.

Last year, the iPhone X and iPad Pro were awarded Displays of the Year awards, so it’s good to see Apple Watch hold up its side of the deal and bring more awards home for the company.

What do you think – does Apple Watch have the best display on a smartwatch?

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