Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 5

Earlier in the month, Apple showed off its new Apple Watch Series 5 range, an exciting enhancement to the world’s most advanced smartwatch range.

Though it certainly wasn’t the biggest upgrade in Apple Watch history, the company did introduce some brilliant new features – and below, we round those up…

What did Apple say of the launch?

Speaking of the launch, Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said that the company has “seen Apple Watch have a meaningful impact on customers’ lives,” and that they were “excited to deliver even more capabilities with Apple Watch Series 5 and watchOS 6,” adding that the “seamless integration of hardware and software delivers an enhanced experience that makes it easier to stay active and connected to the people and information you care about.”

An always-on display

Though identical in design to the Series 4, Apple took the opportunity with the Apple Watch Series 5 to introduce an all-new always-on display, using a lower power (LTPO) OLED screen that lasts the whole day.

To allow for the new always-on display, Apple introduced a bunch of new watch face options which offer users the ability to see the time and their complications, and these faces are optimized to preserve battery life, intelligently dimming when moving the wrist down using an ambient light sensor on the front face of the watch.

Of course, this new technology can be disabled permanently or temporarily if required, which is useful in settings such as movie theaters where you would not want a glaring white screen.

Gorgeous new finishes

What’s different about this year’s Apple Watch is that Apple is introducing a number of new colors and casing materials, giving consumers more opportunities to express themselves.

In a similar manner to the launch of the Apple Watch back in 2015, Apple is now offering a whole range of casing finishes, including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic, at varying price tags.

That’s on top of the Nike and Hermès models with exclusive bands and watch faces, which offer image-conscious consumers more choice. 

The star of the show is the titanium material Apple Watch, which is noticeably lighter than the stainless steel Apple Watch, offering a “superb strength-to-weight ratio.”

The finish is available in a natural titanium color and space black shade manufactured with a diamond-like coating, whilst the ceramic option, which has been available as a finish in the past, is now only available in white, though there’s a new black ceramic option for Hermès models

Useful new features

Many criticized Apple for this year’s new Apple Watch, arguing that there were not enough new features to call it an upgrade.

However, Apple did introduce a couple of changes such as a new international emergency calling feature for LTE Apple Watches that contacts the local emergency services when SOS is activated, wherever the Apple Watch is in the world, and a built-in compass feature and Compass app let you see your direction right on your wrist, offering a more advanced Maps experience on the wrist.

Indeed, the updated location features on Apple Watch Series 5 offer users greater navigation tools to use throughout the day, with a built-in compass and updated Maps app allow users to see which way they are facing. 

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