Apple Watch Series 7 to feature new faces to utilize larger display


Apple is working on new watch face options for the Apple Watch Series 7.

According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company has been experimenting with new options for the watch face so that consumers can take advantage of the larger screen size on the upcoming models.

Apple is widely expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 7 in a couple of weeks’ time, and it’s thought that they’ll be sold in larger screen sizes than previous generations. Indeed, the 41mm and 45mm body sizes will be up by a millimetre from the current 40mm and 44mm sizes, thanks to smaller bezels and a redesigned chassis that’s inspired by the iPhone 12 and iMac 2021 design language.

Because of the slightly larger screen, the watch will have an improved resolution – up 16% – thanks to smaller display borders. Because of the new larger watch face design, Apple wants users to have more space for complications, and thus the company has been working on new watch faces to accommodate this.

Apple is reportedly set to announce a Modular Max watch face that will show the time alongside complications like temperature, with larger complications – similar to widgets – stacked on the side. A second watch face, Continuum, will be based on the current flow of the time and hour, whilst a world time face will show users 24 time zones at the same time. Apple will also release a Hermes watch face that shows numbers that change every hour, and there’s a new Nike watch face with active motion.

Alongside a new design, the Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to feature an S7 chip and though some health features like blood glucose monitoring were expected, it’s now thought they’ll be pushed back until 2022 at the latest due to supply chain issues, with this year’s model focused on aesthetics.

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