Apple Watch Takes About 75% of Global Smartwatch Market

The arrival of the Apple Watch has already triggered huge waves in the smartwatch market, judging from new research. According to research company Strategy Analytics, in 2015’s second quarter, the wearable took a huge 75.5% of the international smartwatch market.

Samsung was by far and away the leader of this market prior to the Apple device’s launch in April; however, according to this research, its share has plummeted from 73.6% to a mere 7.5%. The Apple Watch has also had a huge influence on the market’s overall size, which has grown by 457.3% since the second quarter of 2014.

Strategy Analytics reached its figures by estimating that Apple had shipped 4 million units of its eagerly anticipated wearable to vendors during the quarter. Even taking into account that 9to5Mac has, on the basis of its own calculations, speculated that Apple likely sold about three million smartwatches in the period, it seems that Apple has still made far faster progress in this market than it did in the smartphone market with the very first iPhone.

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