Are Apple Watches for everyone?

Apple Watch was announced around three years ago. They were the first Smart Watch on the market that were aimed at pretty much everyone. The supported music, messaging and phone calls along with a lot of sport and fitness capabilities. Three years after the release and it seems to still be struggle to find a purpose for my watch. With the upcoming annoncment of a new Apple Watch, I am wondering whether smart watches are for everyone.

Apple have released 3 main versions of the Apple Watch, series 1, 2 and 3. Apple currently sell Series 1 and Series 3. Cellular Series 3 models can standalone from an iPhone as they connect to their own network whereas the regular GPS models need an iPhones data to connect to via bluetooth.

Several updates have given the watch many more features, like drawing out letters to text rather than speak into the device. Apple also improved the Watches activity feature. Activity allows users to set their own personal fitness goals for their day. Three rings progressively grow when more of the goal is achieved. This is used to make achieving goals competitive. In WatchOS also introduced a ‘calm’ feature. This was good for users with anxiety and users who need to cool down after workouts. Calm tells the user when to breathe and releases a set of vibrations mimicking your breathing.


Apple Watch has always been health orientated, a lot of people use these features but many including myself do not. When using a smart watch I would use it for social needs and music needs. The messaging and notification part allowed me to feel more disconnected from my phone and glance at my notifications quickly. The music part allowed me to skip songs and scroll through playlists faster than I could on my phone.

With the annual September keynote approaching, many Apple fans are wondering whats in store for the Apple Watch. Will it just be a couple of small changes? Like better specs, maybe a few new straps? Or will it finally have a design difference and a couple brand new features? No one will truly know until the event.


Apple Watch has managed to stay pretty prominent in the wearables industry throughout its lifetime. Is this due to lack of competition or is it really just a great product like its users claim? It all seems to be very subjective with the Apple Watch.

Do you use an Apple Watch frequently? Let us know!

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