Apple Watch’s 2024 Upgrade: A Leap in Health Monitoring Apple is set to revolutionize personal health monitoring in 2024, adding blood pressure tracking and sleep apnea detection to the Apple Watch, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple is once again pushing the boundaries of health technology, planning to introduce cutting-edge features to its Apple Watch in 2024. As revealed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the tech giant is on the verge of launching an innovative blood pressure monitoring system alongside a much-anticipated sleep apnea detection feature.

The upcoming blood pressure sensor technology marks a significant milestone in Apple’s health-related endeavors. This novel system is meticulously designed to notify users of upward trends in their blood pressure, accompanied by a journal feature for tracking potential triggers of hypertension. Conscious of the risks of misdiagnosis, Apple has strategically designed this feature to encourage users to seek professional medical advice or use a traditional blood pressure cuff for precise systolic and diastolic measurements.

Aiming for excellence, Apple is already working on future iterations of the system, with aspirations to provide exact blood pressure readings and diagnose related conditions. However, Gurman notes that these advanced capabilities are still a relatively distant prospect.

2024 will also reportedly see the introduction of a sleep apnea detection feature on the Apple Watch. Utilizing sleep and breathing patterns, this innovative feature aims to estimate the likelihood of sleep apnea, subsequently advising users to consult a physician.

SERS, or surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, is a method of detecting the presence of a chemical indirectly by using laser light and a specialized sensor. The gold mesh provides an ideal surface for taking measurements as it does not interfere with the substance being measured.

In parallel, Apple continues its ambitious pursuit of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. The system, relying on a silicon photonics chip, leverages laser technology to analyze glucose concentration beneath the skin. Similar to the blood pressure feature, this system focuses on monitoring blood sugar trends and alerting users to potential pre-diabetes, rather than providing direct blood sugar readings. Despite its potential, Gurman’s sources indicate that this technology might not materialize in consumer products for several more years.

Beyond the Apple Watch, 2024 is poised to bring groundbreaking features to Apple’s AirPods, transforming them into over-the-counter hearing aids with the ability to conduct hearing tests, which are typically performed in audiologists’ offices.

Furthermore, Apple is delving into the realm of virtual reality with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset. The device is being designed with an array of health-centric features, including anti-anxiety tools, meditation enhancements, and cognitive health monitoring through eye scans.

Gurman’s report not only sheds light on these impending technological advancements, but also provides a fascinating glimpse into Apple’s evolving journey in health and healthcare initiatives over recent years.

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