Apple will celebrate International Women’s Day with challenges and events

To mark International Women’s Day, on Thursday, March 8, Apple has created a new Watch Activity Challenge and will be holding events in selected retail outlets across the globe. Each year the tech giant joins in the celebration of women and this year is no exception.

Apple regularly holds Activity Challenges for owners of an Apple Watch and their next challenge is set to take place on Thursday. The challenges promote fitness and healthy living, and the latest is no exception. To unlock this achievement you need to double your Move ring. This means if your daily calorie goal is 300 for example, you need to burn over 600 calories on Thursday to unlock the achievement.

Apple Music has also created a number of playlists and albums to celebrate women, so if you need some motivation for achieving this goal, you know where to look.

This is not all Apple is doing to celebrate women on Thursday, as they are also hosting events in selected retail outlets across the world. One event is taking place at the Paris Marche Saint-Germain store and will act as a recruitment event for the company.

This event in the Paris store will take place between 8-10pm local time and will be an “evening of inspiration, participation, and celebration”. The evening will help attendees discover how to express their talents.

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