Apple will launch updated Mac Pro next month

Apple will officially launch the new Mac Pro in December, according to Bloomberg.

The outlet announced the news in an article that suggested that new 16-inch MacBook Pro would launch today (November 13), adding that the iMac Pro and the Pro Display XDR counterpart would follow next month, offering professionals a truly advanced computing system.

Apple first announced the new 2019 Mac Pro in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, following years of teasing that a new Mac Pro was in the works.

The previous “spaceship” Mac Pro was, at the time of release, considered revolutionary, but the device quickly became outdated and users didn’t like the fact it couldn’t be upgraded.

Apple launched the last Mac Pro on December 18 2013, and the iMac Pro followed in 2017 on December 14, so the release would fall in line with the rest of the “Pro” Mac family.

Apple has designed the new Mac Pro for its professional user base and has put great emphasis on upgradeability and expansion, something that was severely lacking on the previous Mac Pro.

What’s more, the new device features a traditional PC shape and a stunning stainless steel frame designed to maximize airflow throughout the computer.

Users will be able to purchase a Mac Pro with up to 28 cores, and the device can support up to 1.5 terabytes of memory, making it Apple’s most advanced supercomputer.

The machine will start at $5,999, though optional upgrades will easily take it over $10,000.

The companion to the Mac Pro is the stunning new Pro Display XDR, offering a 6K screen with a 6016 x 3384 resolution – that’s more than 20 million pixels.

But the screen won’t be cheap – it will cost $4,999 and users will have to cough up another $1,000 for its stand.

Are you looking forward to the Mac Pro? Is it something you expect to purchase for work, or is it outside of your usual price range? Sound off on Twitter and check back soon for more.

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