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Apple will sell 20 million iPhone SE 2 devices in 2020

Apple is expected to sell more than 20 million iPhone SE 2s when they launch next year.

The company is widely rumored to be working on a lower-cost iPhone to appease the price-conscious market and those who prefer smaller screens, amid the growing iPhone lineup.

The iPhone SE was a popular choice amongst consumers, who favored a smaller screen and a return to form of the iPhone 4-style design with a stunning aluminum body.

Now, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has offered some predictions of the device, releasing a note to investors to discuss the supplier expectations of the iPhone SE 2.

According to Kuo, Apple will sell at least 20 million iPhone SE 2 models next year, following a launch in the first half of the year.

He added that Apple could sell up to 30 million units.

Kuo has also suggested that the new low-cost smartphone will use a 10-layer Substrate-like PCB (SLP) for its motherboard, which keeps costs low and will help suppliers such as Xinxing and Pending Holdings, as they manufacture these already and have the capacity.

He previously suggested that the new iPhone SE 2 won’t sport the same look as the original, and instead, it would have a form factor similar to the iPhone 8 with a larger screen.

Indeed, the device will feature a 4.7-inch display as well as a single-lens rear camera and Touch ID, rather than Face ID, alongside the latest A13 chip used in the iPhone 11 range.

What’s more, the device is expected to have 3GB of RAM, enough for modern smartphone tasks.

It’s widely expected that Apple will sell the new iPhone SE 2 at just $399, cheaper than the iPhone 8 which currently retails for $449 in the United States online and in Apple Stores.

The iPhone SE 2 will not only be popular amongst those upgrading from older devices like the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6 but in markets such as China and India, where low-cost smartphones have a significantly larger market share.

Those two territories have been a clear target for Apple, and the new device will no doubt have a bigger impact there than anywhere else.

Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 in Spring 2020. Are you looking forward to seeing a new low-cost smartphone from the company? Let us know and check back soon for more news.

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