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Apple will ship 60 million AirPods this year thanks to Pro launch

Apple’s AirPods product will reportedly top the 60 million shipments mark before the end of 2019, following the release of the AirPods 2 and now the AirPods Pro.

According to a reliable source at Bloomberg, Apple’s updated AirPods lineup will reportedly sell more than 60 million units before the year is through, double the anticipated 30 million.

Bloomberg says that the growth is due to “much higher” demand for the AirPods Pro than Apple had initially expected, signaling the company’s dominance in the competitive sector.

Apple announced the AirPods Pro earlier in the month, offering noise cancellation and water resistance amongst other features and, priced at $249, they became an instant sensation.

The new AirPods Pro have reportedly resulted in Apple pushing its assembly partners beyond capacity and technical constraints, with the firm unable to meet consumer demand.

There are reportedly multiple suppliers who are competing to manufacture the Pro earphones, though some of them are still building up their technical proficiency for the product.

Whether they’ll be ready to help appease pre-holiday demand remains to be seen.

Apple launched the original AirPods back in 2016 and refreshed them with a second-generation model in March of this year.

Apple then followed up the AirPods with the AirPods Pro a couple of weeks ago, resulting in two huge releases for the product this year.

Many AirPods 2 owners may have decided to upgrade to the AirPods Pro, too, meaning a significantly higher than expected level of sales when spread across the year, something the company probably won’t be able to achieve again unless it staggers the AirPods releases.

Both AirPods and the Apple Watch have helped Apple made some serious headway in the wearables market, with both growing year-on-year and allowing Apple to carve out a name for itself outside of the iPhone and Mac bubbles.

Though Samsung and Google compete in both the smartwatch and earbuds markets, AirPods remain the market leader, and the latest shipment update no doubt keeps them at the top.

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