Apple will suggest third-party apps to users when setting up new iPhone

Apple will suggest third-party apps to users during the set-up process of a new iPhone or iPad as of iOS 14.3.

The move is designed to appease antitrust regulators who increasingly see Apple as a threat to competition, with governments proposing sanctions and even bans.

In the iOS 14.3 beta code, there’s a new menu in the set-up process that allows users to see and select from a range of App Store apps, even before they fully complete the set-up process on their new device.

The code reveals that the new welcome screen will only be shown in countries where it has to, with the code reading: “In compliance with regional legal requirements, continue to view available apps to download,” suggesting a partial rollout.

We don’t know for certain where Apple will introduce this new feature, but it was previously revealed that Google was sued by the European Union after its Google Chrome and Google Search products were “forced” onto users on Android.

Now, Android recommends other web browsers for users to try when they set up their device for the first time.

Apple has been criticized by some companies for making it harder for developers to build an audience. The company is increasingly introducing new features and services that push out third party competitors, including Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+.

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