Apple won’t “significantly” increase number of ads on iPhone


Apple won’t “significantly” increase the number of ads on the iPhone, according to a new report.

In recent months, we’ve heard from a number of sources that Apple plans to increase advertising on its platforms to boost revenues and unlock new growth streams, but a report from The Information suggests Apple is “not seeking to add significantly more ads on the iPhone” following recent growth.

A separate report from Bloomberg recently revealed Apple wanted to triple its ads revenue, but has since been concerned about damaging its reputation by overloading its products with advertising.

Indeed, The Information claims that there have been some internal struggles and that employees have been concerned that Apple was going “too far” with its advertising. In recent weeks, developers began complaining that gambling ads appeared next to their apps on the App Store, and Apple had to pull the plug.

In recent earnings calls, Apple has been clear that advertising will form a more significant part of its services division in the future. App Store Search Ads changes have seen three times the number of ads added to search engine results pages, but Apple will reportedly be cautious about adding any other ads. Still, we can expect ads to appear on Apple Maps and Apple Stocks within the next few months.

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